Your Private Chauffeur - Prices

My prices are very reasonable, at £22.00 for each hour rounded up to the next quarter hour. Unsociable hours from 11.30pm-7am are charged at 1.5x the hourly rate. In addition to this, 40p/mile for travel in my car to/from your business or home is added to the invoice. Any car parking, congestion charge or even fuel can be paid by myself then added at cost to the invoice afterwards.

A round trip to Birmingham airport taking 4.5 hours would cost £99 plus my mileage costs. If the trip is less than 4.5 hours then the final invoice will be less. But, if the round trip is longer, then the final invoice will be more, e.g. an inbound delayed flight could have your chauffeur unavoidably waiting for longer.

Please note, the fees are the price of engaging your driver to drive your, or your companies cars.

David Copeland qualified as Driving instructor, is an Advanced Motorist and has trained other Chauffeurs